About Us

The Upholsterer is a creative and thriving family run business based in Midhurst and a haven for anyone wishing to steer away from commercially purchased furnishings to create that personal touch. The workshop is on site and the business is as heavily led by customer service and consultancy as it is in balance by the high quality of workmanship for which it has become known.

Owners Milos and Laura Jandac run the shop in a relaxed ambiance and style that enables the best choice for the customer to come to the fore. In short, they make upholstery and curtain making extremely accessible.

Like most of their customers, Milos and Laura understand the challenges of family and children and aim to help guide and encourage their clients in choosing the right fabric to create beautiful, often unique pieces that have impact yet are also practical in a busy home.

The Upholsterer is also a specialist in creating bespoke children’s furniture exquisite enough to be handed down from generation to generation.


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